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I started this meme on laura♥'s journal a while ago, but never completed it in my own. For shame, I know.

01 leave a comment recommending some ~different~ fanfiction
02 i choose five of your icons, and you make a new post talking all about them
03 love on ♥

This is one of my oldest icons. I just love blonde Aiba, and his skin is nearly glowing and the colouring is slightly vintage, but not really, the word's escaping me. And then, lol, I AM A CREEPER because sometimes, you just have to let it be known.

My first Sakumoto icon, and I still only have one other one. I find it hard to get good Sakumoto icons, not gonna lie. Anyway, I just love love love that Jun is the one loving on Sho, since this took place before Jun got too coo' fo' schoo'. And he's going all out and Sho looks like he's tilting away just slightly, but he looks like he's trying to not smile, and I love that moment ♥

Sailor Moon /swoons. This is my first fandom, and, I can never shake it. I'm pretty sure this shot is from the manga, at the end of the Stars arc, where she grows her wings. I love everything about these scenes, in the manga and anime. I love that Usagi is stripped of all that she is, with no one to turn to, no weapon to draw by her side, and she has to look deep within herself to find her strongest weapon, her heart. GUH, GUSHING OVER THIS ALL OVER AGAIN.

I do, sometimes. I like how the entire icon is white, stark white. And even though overthink is written in a plain font, and the period at the end makes it something final, something concrete, the colours are swirling within the text. It reminds me of people; we're all confined to our boring, water concentrated bodies, but inside we're swarming full of ideas and emotions that no one can ever pin down.

HOW COULD I NOT USE THIS ICON. I read that Jun always eats bananas before concerts, because bananas are supposed to give you energy (I remember him eating one on stage in Scene, I think). BUT, LIKE, DUDE. HE LOOKS LIKE HE'S NAKED. AND HE'S EATING A BANANA. A BANANA.

In other news, my sleep patterns are still fucked. Even though I've stopped napping every 14 hours, now I just always end up falling asleep at 8pm~10pm and waking up at 3am~4am. I CANNOT FIX THIS SHIT. Chloe was all stay awake. do not sleep. don't. do. not. I will check up on you after practice. and, like, yeah. I fell the fuck asleep.

I read [ profile] astrangestorm's Cloudbuster yesterday and, dear lord, that is one amazing story. I feel ashamed for calling it fanfiction, because it feels like it should be published. Anyhow, anyone have any other steampunk AU's they'd like to send my way?

HI FLIST /links pinkies
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Last night I watched the Shiagare episode with Oizumi Yo. It was hilarious, and I kept laughing and laughing to kill myself. I'd had a rough night as supervisor again, and it really helped me unwind.

But, I can't think of what else would help me do that.

I'm grateful for as long as Arashi has helped me within these past two years, because I know I wouldn't be where I am without them, as silly as that sounds. They're tattooed on my body for a reason.

I think, that I need to step back for a while. Just focus on the physical world and experience that for a while, because. As much as I adore my boys, I need more sources for enjoyment. I'm also slumping into another bout of depression, and I want to deal with that in hopes of finding new solutions to my problems.

So, I'll be taking a hiatus from fandom, and lj, for a while. I might still be on msn every now & then, but. I want to stay off the internet for some time.

I want to read more novels. I want to discover more films and directors I've yet to see. I want to work on myself. I'll probably be dabbling on twitter, so if you want to stay in contact, this is me.

That being said, if anyone on my flist has news to tell me, or something big happens, reply to this post and fill me in.

Besides that... I'll be seeing you all later o/
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