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I'm trying to write this fic, and it is making me want to pull out my hair. Or throw food at the wall, at best. To copy&paste from my rant at Nat, It follows me around like a tiny, clingy puppy that you kinda wanna kick to get off your ankles, but then it tilts its head and asdfgfdsa wins back your love.

I made a playlist for it, which I've actually grown to adore, and feel the need to pimp out. No apologies for using Cat Power three times, for she is amazing beyond words.


But yes, fic. I have the plot semi-plotted out. I've been writing scenes here, scenes there, and I know what style I'd like to write it in. The style it belongs in. Funny thing is, I can't write like that.

I write it how I can, and it comes out shallow and repressed, lacking any kind of spark. I see fics as movies in my mind, and try to write it that way. Then I just get carried away and the movie plays on, filling itself out without any help from myself. And when I open my eyes and begin to type, the cursor just continues to blink endlessly.

And of course, I can't really post any details, since it's for a very special flister, and I am asdfgbfdsasdf displeased with my undependable writing skills.

Like I ranted to Nat, It's so blase and shallow. I want to write like I'm in the shadows, holding a mirror so the audience only gets small glimmers of coherency, and the rest is all memories and hinted emotions and hidden metaphors. And it just isn't happening.

Also, I just received my Scene Dome tour in the mail yesterday! Honestly, Canada Post going on strike was infuriating. Took about forever D:

REGARDLESS it is here. I started it last night, but only got to the MC cause I fell asleep. To save on going into overdrive flail mode when I should be writing, here are my tweets:

am i the last person to see this concert...? )


edit: FIC. WHY YOU LOOKING LONG. (first chaptered/multi-part fic in fandom? idefk)
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I am trying to quit smoking. I am trying to quit smoking. I am trying to quit smoking.

I smoked 2 today at work, and they were the last in my pack. I don't know if I should buy another pack & try to cut back little by little, or just not buy anymore and go cold turkey.

I bought these pretty coloured lighters the other day, so it feels like I have to keep smoking, but that's not logical. I might return them to the store so I'll have no reason to feel like I have to smoke, besides the usual CRAVINGS CRAVINGS CRAAAAAVINGS.

Tomorrow is the busiest day of the week at KFC, and I'm on drive thru. Then I'm supervisor the next day. So, maybe I picked a bad time to try and quit (I tried the beginning of the fall semester last year, and lasted only a week ;_;) but.

is there ever a right time to quit smoking?

I don't want to start eating in place of smoking, but when I'm stressed I feel like I have to ~do something~. Or when I'm bored home, I'll go for a cigarette.

Maybe I should buy lollipops & have one whenever I want a smoke. Or gum. Or candies.

Maybe I should just tweet CANCER whenever I want a cigarette.

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My day thus far.

Last night I accidently set my alarm for 10:30pm, not 10:30am. So I slept in until 1:10pm, when dad came over to wake me up. Class was at 2pm.

Sarah was texting me for money for concert tickets, that I forgot we were going to, and I tell her I can't afford it cause I just paid off my Visa (COUGH $400 COUGH). Then I reply a while later, that I'll just borrow the money off mom.

So I get ready super fast and he drives me to school. Get in 1:52pm and just chill. There are three of us. 1:57pm, six.

Five or so more minutes pass, and no one's talking.

I say, class cancelled? and the one girl who had a laptop checked. Yeah, it is.

One guy grumbles about how our exam is next class, and he was hoping there'd be a review of some sort today. Me & another guy (ooh, cutie) lock eyes and both go, !what exam.

Nice girl checks again, and the exam is delayed until next Tuesday.

So I walk to the library to study for my exam in Mythology tomorrow, only to remember that I NEED THE SLIDE SHOWS TO STUDY. And my laptop is home.

So I trudge on over to the bus stop, and plan on visiting my old high school to see some teachers. But I just missed the bus going there, and the next one comes at 2:30pm, and by the time I get to school, they'll be going home/into a meeting/away from where I'd find them.

So I catch the bus to go home, and text my friends raging.

Jess gets around to telling me that three of her roommates are studying for that exact exam right now, and that I could join.


Sarah calls me, telling me about how even though she asked for this Saturday off for the concert, they put her on. She booked it off months in advance. T-this Saturday...? I tell her I'm the supervisor that night, and can't go.

So I get off at my stop, and there's slush. I step into a driveway to avoid being sprayed by the bus, and step boith feet into major craters filled with slush.

The bus doesn't spray at all.

I'm walking home, and the roads are covered with water, the sidewalks with slush. I take on the water for most of the way, and my shoe comes undone. So I have to walk on the slush for more traction.

I check the mail, no package from [ profile] iitsmeghan .

Walk up to my driveway, and the plows came by and pushed about two feet of snow into it. I trudge through it, up to my door.

I tripped up the stairs on the way to my room.

I've been awake for two hours.

edit: I just got my period. are. you. kidding. me.
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I just redid all my icons.

I uploaded a shit ton more, mostly from [ profile] tishpaper & [ profile] celestialdusk because laskjdhf they be awesome.

I renamed all of them so the names are in Japanese.

But didn't think about it.

Cause now, all my entries are using my default icon.

And every comment I've ever posted is using my default.

bawling rn.

Am also thinking of a new layout, account name, or, just,... something. Feeling the need to fuck around with the lj.


Jan. 16th, 2011 01:55 am
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I have a request. I want more gifs.

Use this post to comment using AS MANY GIFS AS YOU WISH. I am in need of Aiba ones (esp. pretty ones).

I just want moar gifs. I am greedy and horrible.


Image Hosted by 

note: I am using all tags. lmao. yus. if you happen to find this post twenty years down the road... POST MOAR GIFS.


Oct. 25th, 2010 07:39 pm
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I made a comm for my graphics that do not exist as of yet.

I just want a comm.

Too bad I keep fucking up the Mood Themes and my laptop rejects my downloads of photoshop more than a geek rejects boobies.

[ profile] roundmyheart btw

If anyone knows where to get their virtual hands on some free photoshop, please let me know!
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I forgot to watch Paranormal State's season premiere.

/cries in corner with ghosties

this mood theme almost makes up for it, though
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So I'm on the bus stop, right? And there's this guy already on it. It's quiet for a moment or so, then he nods a hello, and I nod back. I live in Newfoundland, he will not rape me. He mentions the weather, I in turn reply. The conversation dwindles and he says,

"So, are you a student?"
"First year."
"Me too."
"So, sciences?"
"Arts, actually."
"Well, no one's perfect."

Pardon? I am doing an Arts degree... does that mean I am stupid? That I cannot begin to comprehend how, if you add a base to an acidic mixture, it neutralizes the solution? How x equals negative b plus or minus the square root of b squared minus four ac over two a? That I will never see how red and blue makes purple?

A couple weeks ago, Kyle introduced me to a friend of his. At the time, he was looking at his schedule and trying to sort out the labs and such for his sciences. He asked me which year I was, and I told him first. He asked what I was doing, and I said Asian Studies. He looked confused, so I told him an Arts degree. He leant towards me a bit and said, "I wouldn't tell that to just anyone."

I do not carry AIDS, people.

Why do different faculties have to hate one another? Why does anyone have to think they're better than the other? We're both in university, let's act like adults. For the record, I don't think anyone is superior to the other, but it really pisses me off when people go all *pat pat* when they hear I'm doing an Arts degree.

Anyway, moving on... I went shopping today! I got a couple cds from HMV, and volumes 2 & 3 of GANTZ (which is freaking awesome). I must now go shower and study some more for my linguistics test tomorrow, but yeah. Life is pretty okay and I hope it stays that way /♥


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