Oct. 26th, 2011 01:10 am
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This is called 「たこやき」 and your cheeks are supposed to resemble the food. Ayano thought it was precious.
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I just bought these headphones and this ashtray from Strapya.

Honestly. I don't need any of this.

But I picked up two extra shifts last week so LOLOL TIME TO SPEND.
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I was watching the news tonight, and I just broke down and started crying. It took me a while to understand how serious this really is, because I find it difficult to relate to things I haven't experienced myself before.

I can't do much. And I can't donate much. But, every little bit helps.

This is my offer to write fan fiction for [livejournal.com profile] arashi_on's fundraiser for Japan's current crisis.

I am determined to do whatever I can to help. I don't want to sit around and cry. I want to do something.


Here's to starting the road to recovery a little early.


Jan. 16th, 2011 01:55 am
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I have a request. I want more gifs.

Use this post to comment using AS MANY GIFS AS YOU WISH. I am in need of Aiba ones (esp. pretty ones).

I just want moar gifs. I am greedy and horrible.


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note: I am using all tags. lmao. yus. if you happen to find this post twenty years down the road... POST MOAR GIFS.
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SEE I had work again yesterday, 11-7, on front cash. And it was wonderful. I hauled in around $2000 on my cash alone, which is just under twice the normal amount, so yeah, we were busy. But I was cheery and charming and all my favourite customers came in and hardly anyone was rude and it's just like

OH RIGHT a year ago, when I first started, I started talking to a customer about a xmas present my friend was getting me; photographs of my city. It's all pleasant, and she leaves. After xmas she's back, and asks how my present was. We chat for a bit then, somehow, Japan comes up. I tell her my plans and she says how she has a friend in Japan, teaching English, and that she'll get me in contact with her.

So the lady, Wanda, adds me to Facebook and sends me her friend's profile. And I add the woman in Japan, we talk a few times, and she says she's always there if I have any questions.

Wanda came in again yesterday! I hadn't seen her in months (guess she got healthy) and she said, Oh, Tonya! so I waddle over and say hello, then she says,
OH I have a few things from Japan for you! I meant to bring them next time I came, but I hadn't planned on coming here tonight. When are you working this week?

meanwhile I'm just standing there :oing.

I told her my schedule this week, and she said she'll drop by with it. I have no idea what it is. Maybe it's a few hair barrettes from some goodies bag she didn't want. Maybe it's a couple things she picked up at some flea market sort of thing and took for me. Maybe she looked at my FB and saw all the Japanese things I like.


And honestly, I don't even care. I don't care if it is even a few little gadgets. She thought of me when she (or a friend, however it worked out) was in Japan, and bought me something. I've served her a handful of times at KFC. I never really talk to her on FB. But she still did something like this.

It just means a lot, that she thought to bring something back to this little cashier.

After work, [livejournal.com profile] techno_beat picked me up and we went to my place for a sleepover, Double Downs in hand. I had put cheddar cheese on mine, cause the pepperjack stuff looked weird, but, and trust me on this one, chicken and cheddar do.not.mix.

Anywho, we flick on my Maou DVD from where we left off; episode six.

And we clear episode ten by the end of the night.

I was falling asleep during the tenth episode, and I have no idea why, cause it wasn't even 1am at that point, but I snapped awake in time for that scene in the church between Naruse & Shiori where she's asking him to stop and he's all I DON'T NEED LOVE and i-it was intense and saddening.

Flick to my room and I'm on the laptop, showing her more Arashi shit for like, another hour. I decided to show her Arashi interacting with animals, cause she'd love it for the animals and I would love it for the Arashi-interacting-with-animals.

T-then in the morning at 2pm we went and finished Maou. Le Fu was not pleased BUT SHE THOUGHT IT WAS AWESOME so now I'm all YOU MAY NOT ENJOY ARASHI THEMSELVES BUT YOU CAN ENJOY THEIR WORK OH MY WORD THIS COULD WORK OUT

And then we watched the Odoroki no Arashi SP 6. The entire thing. That's like, two hours or more!

I was invested in it, obviously, and loved it, but I'd never know if she liked it until she expressed her rage at the THEY CAN'T MAKE COLOURED SHADOWS parts.

Like, I feel really bad for shoving all this Arashi on her, when I know she's not into it. I told her a while ago to just stop me if I get carried away, cause I kinda get in the zone when it comes to these guys, but she was like, "...but you looked so happy" so now I never know when I'm boring her or when she's having fun and ARGGG it's frustrating.

Any other flisters have rl friends that aren't into the whole pretty asian boy thing? Fufu tolerates it, and likes dramas and such, but I never know where the line is drawn and just

btw I'm keeping some of these posts open so people who click on my account can see what my actual posts are like... uneventful.
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Today was a pretty good day except for when I spilt one single dribble of Jess's brownie blizzard on my grey top

university woes )

In Arashi news...

I vow to not buy Arashi's anything frivilously! I already bought the Freestyle Photobook & a paparazzi Ohno photobook (like the Nino one I got you, Meghan) last night, but I've been looking for Freestyle for a while now and it was such a good deal
Right when I made that vow to myself, I got an email from CDJapan saying their newest single was up for pre-order. AND I RESISTED. I didn't even fret, actually... o.O inorite. But, they're all gonna be included on their next full length album, and I never ever listen to the single cd's, I just watch the dvd. So, I think it's pretty smart ♥
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Okay, so sick of this meme, and seeing as the rest are long detailed posts, I'm just gonna be a quitter and give up.

I'm so sick of updating every freaking day >.< Not my thing.

Uhh, any good news while I'm at it? Let's see... Ooh! We fired the girl I cannot stand at work last night (heck yes), I got all her shifts (heck yes, cause I'm broke), I'm getting the Electronic Kanji Dictionary I asked for as a Grad present (heck freaking yes) and I went out with The Fufu for my "Grad Supper" tonight and we just bitched about working in customer service for two hours, and it was beautiful.

Also~ I finally officially ordered the items I was getting from that lj buyer. It's the cell phone straps the guys had in Pika*nchi. There's two; a boy monkey (theirs) and a girl monkey (Aiba's girlfriend's; the limited edition danchichi for the listeners >.< ) and YAY I've wanted them for so long haha >.<

Besides that, nothing has changed and my life is still FUCKING AWESOME because I'm done high school ^^


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