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I finally got married to my lovely [ profile] quartered, my special, special laura♥

I made us a honeymoon playlist, as I do with everything. Just something to make you smile c:

On another note, last night was movie night. Photos?

three pikcharizards ♥ )

Today I shall do all my Chinese & Japanese homework and read more of The Crimson Labyrinth by Kishi Yusuke and (omg maybe possibly) work on [ profile] 120795's birthday fic that I started for her in... July. HARDY HAR HAR.

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Title: Shaded with patience
Pairing(s): Ohno/Makoto (Sailor Jupiter)
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I own nothing of either franchise
Word count: 582
Summary: When Makoto visits Ohno.
Author's Notes: For [ profile] honeyporridge for the [ profile] arashi_on fundraiser. FOR SHAME, I KNOW. She asked for a Sailor Moon/Arashi crossover. It's a series of one-shots of the five couples I paired. Suggested music would be One Republic's All We Are.

a lover's alibi )
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Title: Wish I never saw the sunshine
Pairing(s): Jun/Minako (Sailor Venus)
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I own nothing of either franchise
Word count: 547
Summary: Jun takes a walk, thinking of Minako.
Author's Notes: For [ profile] honeyporridge for the [ profile] arashi_on fundraiser. FOR SHAME, I KNOW. She asked for a Sailor Moon/Arashi crossover. It's a series of one-shots of the five couples I paired. Suggested music would be Beth Orton's I Wish I Never Saw the Sunshine.

took the blue out of the sky )
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Title: No regrets, just love
Pairing(s): Aiba/Usagi (Sailor Moon)
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I own nothing of either franchise
Word count: 432
Summary: It's summer when Aiba finds Usagi on the docks.
Author's Notes: For [ profile] honeyporridge for the [ profile] arashi_on fundraiser. FOR SHAME, I KNOW. She asked for a Sailor Moon/Arashi crossover. It's a series of one-shots of the five couples I paired. Suggested music would be The Rescue's cover of Teenage Dream.

fic behind water walls )
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I started this meme on laura♥'s journal a while ago, but never completed it in my own. For shame, I know.

01 leave a comment recommending some ~different~ fanfiction
02 i choose five of your icons, and you make a new post talking all about them
03 love on ♥

This is one of my oldest icons. I just love blonde Aiba, and his skin is nearly glowing and the colouring is slightly vintage, but not really, the word's escaping me. And then, lol, I AM A CREEPER because sometimes, you just have to let it be known.

My first Sakumoto icon, and I still only have one other one. I find it hard to get good Sakumoto icons, not gonna lie. Anyway, I just love love love that Jun is the one loving on Sho, since this took place before Jun got too coo' fo' schoo'. And he's going all out and Sho looks like he's tilting away just slightly, but he looks like he's trying to not smile, and I love that moment ♥

Sailor Moon /swoons. This is my first fandom, and, I can never shake it. I'm pretty sure this shot is from the manga, at the end of the Stars arc, where she grows her wings. I love everything about these scenes, in the manga and anime. I love that Usagi is stripped of all that she is, with no one to turn to, no weapon to draw by her side, and she has to look deep within herself to find her strongest weapon, her heart. GUH, GUSHING OVER THIS ALL OVER AGAIN.

I do, sometimes. I like how the entire icon is white, stark white. And even though overthink is written in a plain font, and the period at the end makes it something final, something concrete, the colours are swirling within the text. It reminds me of people; we're all confined to our boring, water concentrated bodies, but inside we're swarming full of ideas and emotions that no one can ever pin down.

HOW COULD I NOT USE THIS ICON. I read that Jun always eats bananas before concerts, because bananas are supposed to give you energy (I remember him eating one on stage in Scene, I think). BUT, LIKE, DUDE. HE LOOKS LIKE HE'S NAKED. AND HE'S EATING A BANANA. A BANANA.

In other news, my sleep patterns are still fucked. Even though I've stopped napping every 14 hours, now I just always end up falling asleep at 8pm~10pm and waking up at 3am~4am. I CANNOT FIX THIS SHIT. Chloe was all stay awake. do not sleep. don't. do. not. I will check up on you after practice. and, like, yeah. I fell the fuck asleep.

I read [ profile] astrangestorm's Cloudbuster yesterday and, dear lord, that is one amazing story. I feel ashamed for calling it fanfiction, because it feels like it should be published. Anyhow, anyone have any other steampunk AU's they'd like to send my way?

HI FLIST /links pinkies
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(also, lmao. hair styled and makeup complete versus nothing of the sort XD)

It's hard to notice irl at first, but (apparently) it's really easy to see it from far away. Good or bad, I don't know :| It was supposed to be mocha brown, like a nice chocolate, but, lolol, nah.

Reveals are posted for squickfic! My prompt was for [ profile] wix_ie and holy shit, that fic killed me. I actually withdrew the day they were due, only to bathe in guilt for a day and finish it within a week. This is mine.

Flist, let me know if it's worth posting anywhere else? I'm really unsure about this whole thing, and I sort of want to edit it before anything else. I honestly did not think it was good enough to submit, but, some people liked it, so, yay...?

TIME TO STUDY JAPANESE VOCAB FOR RETEST TOMORROW. My vocab test had no mark, just a bunch of red circles and RETAKE written at the top of the page orz
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But yes, I miss my flist. I feel like a failure of a friend D;

video; I'm wearing makeup, I like to rant about uni, I joined the Greenpeace, and I cannot speak Chinese. SOUND IS ALSO LACKING, GOOD LORD. I think I need to buy a new mic... again ;~;

By the way, the Chinese was for [ profile] 120795, cause you said (forever and a half ago) that you wanted to hear me speak Chinese. ...tada~♥

On another note, I submitted my squickfic, and now it's posted. I'm so unhappy with my fic, I wish it would stay anonymous. BUT... it's done...? I don't know. The original plot I wanted to use kinda sorta fell apart, and I couldn't put the images in my head into words and the mood was all over the place, and my pacing my almost non-existent D;

GOOD NEWS: I have lost weight ♥ I don't really know how, cause, I haven't been working out. But I'm always eating salads, and trying my damnedest to stay away from the pizza and fries, even if it usually means I'll end up eating a whole wheat sandwich with turkey and lettuce ;___; THE UPSIDE BEING jeans that I couldn't get up over my ass almost a year ago, now fit me perfectly. And they're even a little tiny bit loose. My usual jeans are getting droopy in the back, so I shall have to go shopping relatively soon~♥


And yes, for anyone who's been wondering, I'm loving university life here ♥
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I'm trying to write this fic, and it is making me want to pull out my hair. Or throw food at the wall, at best. To copy&paste from my rant at Nat, It follows me around like a tiny, clingy puppy that you kinda wanna kick to get off your ankles, but then it tilts its head and asdfgfdsa wins back your love.

I made a playlist for it, which I've actually grown to adore, and feel the need to pimp out. No apologies for using Cat Power three times, for she is amazing beyond words.


But yes, fic. I have the plot semi-plotted out. I've been writing scenes here, scenes there, and I know what style I'd like to write it in. The style it belongs in. Funny thing is, I can't write like that.

I write it how I can, and it comes out shallow and repressed, lacking any kind of spark. I see fics as movies in my mind, and try to write it that way. Then I just get carried away and the movie plays on, filling itself out without any help from myself. And when I open my eyes and begin to type, the cursor just continues to blink endlessly.

And of course, I can't really post any details, since it's for a very special flister, and I am asdfgbfdsasdf displeased with my undependable writing skills.

Like I ranted to Nat, It's so blase and shallow. I want to write like I'm in the shadows, holding a mirror so the audience only gets small glimmers of coherency, and the rest is all memories and hinted emotions and hidden metaphors. And it just isn't happening.

Also, I just received my Scene Dome tour in the mail yesterday! Honestly, Canada Post going on strike was infuriating. Took about forever D:

REGARDLESS it is here. I started it last night, but only got to the MC cause I fell asleep. To save on going into overdrive flail mode when I should be writing, here are my tweets:

am i the last person to see this concert...? )


edit: FIC. WHY YOU LOOKING LONG. (first chaptered/multi-part fic in fandom? idefk)
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Trying to get into the habit of downloading weekly raws of AniS, VSA & HnA like I used to D: The preview for next week's VSA with Oguri Shun as the Plus One Guest & Ogura-san as leader of the other team HOMGHOMGHOMG HAD ME SQUIRMING UNDER MY COVERS LIKE A WORM ON A DRY SLAB OF CONCRETE. Also looking forward to watching Matsu-nii on Anis, which I'll watch later on tonight.

Here are three fics that I requested from the arashi_on fundraiser:
Woke Up New by [ profile] sunscribble
we could pretend (that it's nothing) by [ profile] honeyporridge
In a Glass Box by [ profile] rikke_leonhart

All of them are so fab it hurts and if you haven't seen them floating through [ profile] stormwriters or whatever fic comm you frequent, you should.

I ALSO RECEIVED MY COOKIES FROM [ profile] flange5 !!1!

three photos under a cut, cause I'm polite like that ♥ )

She also attached a short letter, thanking me for the purchase, and I thought it was such a great touch. It's something physically permanent I got from the fundraiser (even though I think I'm supposed to eat the cookies but... damn no I cannot bare to do that) and Imma hold onto it c8

I bought Jun for my sister & Aiba for dad, both of whom thought the cookies were a cute idea. But. I don't want to give them away. No. I do not.

Today was also Election Day in Canada, the first Election Day where I was legal to vote~! I was so ~excited~ even though I'm fully aware that my one vote won't change the outcome. But I did my part, and that's very important to me.

I asked to get off work an hour early (fuck knows it was dead dead dead and I cleaned that store spotless to cure my utter boredom) so I'd be able to catch the voting polls and staff was pretty much all WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO VOTE. WHY. IDGI. and being completely legit. One of them (grown man) got into a mini hissyfit, saying THEY DON'T DO ANYTHING FOR ME SO I'M NOT GONNA DO ANYTHING FOR THEM *slams cabinet doors*

Yes, because parliament has NOTHING better to do than call you up and ask how you're doing.

I like the Kylie Minogue/Verbal collab for the Tohoku earthquake. A lot. I want to look for more of Verbal because DAYUM his English is divine and turns me on like no other :Dv

Been going through a phase in which I've become ob.sessed. with mainstream radio/dance songs. Since I went downtown for my 19th birthday, I just love love love to dance (even though I suck and even though I've only gone downtown three times) and can't resist tossing some Ke$ha onto my itunes and breaking loose in my bedroom. Yesterday I had a dance playlist on while I was in the shower, and for On The Floor & Who's That Chick I full on stopped showering and just ~broke it down~. So addicting. Good lord.

I have been eating so much Easter chocolate/chocolate in general today. I bought a bag of chocolate covered pretzels and TWAS NOT A GOOD IDEA. Oof.
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Also. Here are my
- continue and finish subbed C no Arashi
- start and finish Mago Mago Arashi
- research how Arashi got their colours
- discover B side tracks of singles
- make gifs & icons
- create my high school!au
- find some good Ohba & Aimiya writers

Image Hosted by

Feb. 7th, 2011 06:44 pm
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Day 1 - 10 Secrets
Day 2 - 9 Loves
Day 3 - 8 Fears
Day 4 - 7 Wants
Day 5 - 6 Places You Want to Go
Day 6 - 5 Foods
Day 7 - 4 Books
Day 8 - 3 Films
Day 9 - 2 Songs
Day 10 - 1 Picture of Yourself

meeeeeeeme + three sentences )

JESS' FRIEND DREW OHMIYA ALREADY. THIS. IS. AMAZING. She noted in her entry that she may or may not do the manga thing, which is cool. I mean, I'm sure she has rl shit going on, and she's in art school and this'd probably take time away from whatever she's doing.

Different style
by ~Inslee on deviantART

People, go look at her work. Her paintings... holy wow :|


Feb. 6th, 2011 06:23 pm
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Day 1 - 10 Secrets
Day 2 - 9 Loves
Day 3 - 8 Fears
Day 4 - 7 Wants
Day 5 - 6 Places You Want to Go
Day 6 - 5 Foods
Day 7 - 4 Books
Day 8 - 3 Films
Day 9 - 2 Songs
Day 10 - 1 Picture of Yourself



Jan. 16th, 2011 01:55 am
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I have a request. I want more gifs.

Use this post to comment using AS MANY GIFS AS YOU WISH. I am in need of Aiba ones (esp. pretty ones).

I just want moar gifs. I am greedy and horrible.


Image Hosted by 

note: I am using all tags. lmao. yus. if you happen to find this post twenty years down the road... POST MOAR GIFS.
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First, here's a meme. I got this one off [ profile] quartered and did it wrong, so, heh. Read the instructions carefully, folks.

Reply to this post, and I'll tell you three reasons why I like you.
Then put this in your own journal, and spread the love.

I ended up telling her three reasons why I liked her, a-and that's not how it goes... I TELL YOU WHY I LIKE YOU. YEAH. SHIT DIDN'T CLICK AT FIRST, YO.

ALSO ALSO ALSO I finished another fanvid this morning! I was up until 6am finishing it, so, umm, yeah. I do that. I started it in November and would pick at it a little here and there, but I did from 2:33 on last night/morning. I like it. You don't have to.


Umm, umm, what else do I have to do... OH. ANOTHER MEME.

I just spent almost an entire bloody hour fighting with my mic, and, no. It makes this whiney, squeaky noise whenever I try and record shit, and it refuses to go away. Ugh. I shall make a trip to Wal-Mart or Future Shop tomorrow and have a chat with some of the men there to see what is on le go... Eh.

I really want to get back into writing... I kinda want to write some original stuff but LOLOLOL like that's ever gonna happen. I plan on staying after class a lot more this semester to stay on top of my studies (NEW YEARS RESOLUTION SHALL NEVER LAST) and maybe I'll be able to write something in the peace and quiet of the

But srsly, folks. If anyone were to give me the tiniest of prompts... Yes. Fuck yes. I asked this before and got the Sakumoto I wrote for [ profile] iitsmeghan. SOMETHING HAS TO BE DONE ABOUT THIS LACK OF CREATIVITY. Something.
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Title: Dance in the Dark
Genre: Romance, Fluff, Humor
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Ohno Satoshi/Ninomiya Kazunari
Disclaimer: I own nothing but the lack of plot
Warning: Mentions of slight kink. So very slight.
Summary: Ohno tries some new moves on Nino and it, doesn't work...

There wasn’t any reasoning with Ohno once he was in one of his moods. )
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[ profile] yukichan_tb WROTE ME SAKUMIYA FOR MY BIRTHDAY

It's just a little drabble, but that matters not. She wrote it in the universe she created for me (Sakumiya High School AU) and High School AU is my weakness. In ALL fandoms.

Give her some love, yo!

Today I worked Toonie Tuesday. Umff, busy busy. After work Fufu picked me up and we went shopping for Ohno's Birthday Surprise. I AM EXCITED TO CREATE IT and post many photos with my shiny new camera!

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Title: Love Your Existence
Genre: Romance, Fluff
Rating: PG
Pairing: Ohno Satoshi/Ninomiya Kazunari
Disclaimer: I own nothing but the lack of plot
Warning: Kisses & Snuggles
Summary: An Ohmiya Tuesday.

Tuesdays were their day together. )
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Title: Hummingbird Heartbeat
Genre: Romance, Fluff
Rating: R
Pairing: Matsumoto Jun/Sakurai Sho
Disclaimer: I own nothing but the lack of plot
Warning: Boy on boy sexy time
Summary: A night in the hotel room after their 5x10 opening concert.

His gaze drifted out over the crowd at the thousands of people who had gathered just for them. )


Jul. 25th, 2010 04:45 am
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Just because you're so very frustrated and kind and overworked, I will update and say hello to [ profile] iitsmeghan even though we're currently on a video call and have been for a number of hours now. MSN didn't work out for us since words could not describe your Nino.

Even though I will forever be a grey box in your eyes.

You're now babbling on about bartender!Sho and your sadistic tendencies.


He's scandalized.

Night. Morning.


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