Nov. 3rd, 2011

tonieboo0013: (潤智: not listening)


(also, lmao. hair styled and makeup complete versus nothing of the sort XD)

It's hard to notice irl at first, but (apparently) it's really easy to see it from far away. Good or bad, I don't know :| It was supposed to be mocha brown, like a nice chocolate, but, lolol, nah.

Reveals are posted for squickfic! My prompt was for [ profile] wix_ie and holy shit, that fic killed me. I actually withdrew the day they were due, only to bathe in guilt for a day and finish it within a week. This is mine.

Flist, let me know if it's worth posting anywhere else? I'm really unsure about this whole thing, and I sort of want to edit it before anything else. I honestly did not think it was good enough to submit, but, some people liked it, so, yay...?

TIME TO STUDY JAPANESE VOCAB FOR RETEST TOMORROW. My vocab test had no mark, just a bunch of red circles and RETAKE written at the top of the page orz
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