May. 2nd, 2011

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Trying to get into the habit of downloading weekly raws of AniS, VSA & HnA like I used to D: The preview for next week's VSA with Oguri Shun as the Plus One Guest & Ogura-san as leader of the other team HOMGHOMGHOMG HAD ME SQUIRMING UNDER MY COVERS LIKE A WORM ON A DRY SLAB OF CONCRETE. Also looking forward to watching Matsu-nii on Anis, which I'll watch later on tonight.

Here are three fics that I requested from the arashi_on fundraiser:
Woke Up New by [ profile] sunscribble
we could pretend (that it's nothing) by [ profile] honeyporridge
In a Glass Box by [ profile] rikke_leonhart

All of them are so fab it hurts and if you haven't seen them floating through [ profile] stormwriters or whatever fic comm you frequent, you should.

I ALSO RECEIVED MY COOKIES FROM [ profile] flange5 !!1!

three photos under a cut, cause I'm polite like that ♥ )

She also attached a short letter, thanking me for the purchase, and I thought it was such a great touch. It's something physically permanent I got from the fundraiser (even though I think I'm supposed to eat the cookies but... damn no I cannot bare to do that) and Imma hold onto it c8

I bought Jun for my sister & Aiba for dad, both of whom thought the cookies were a cute idea. But. I don't want to give them away. No. I do not.

Today was also Election Day in Canada, the first Election Day where I was legal to vote~! I was so ~excited~ even though I'm fully aware that my one vote won't change the outcome. But I did my part, and that's very important to me.

I asked to get off work an hour early (fuck knows it was dead dead dead and I cleaned that store spotless to cure my utter boredom) so I'd be able to catch the voting polls and staff was pretty much all WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO VOTE. WHY. IDGI. and being completely legit. One of them (grown man) got into a mini hissyfit, saying THEY DON'T DO ANYTHING FOR ME SO I'M NOT GONNA DO ANYTHING FOR THEM *slams cabinet doors*

Yes, because parliament has NOTHING better to do than call you up and ask how you're doing.

I like the Kylie Minogue/Verbal collab for the Tohoku earthquake. A lot. I want to look for more of Verbal because DAYUM his English is divine and turns me on like no other :Dv

Been going through a phase in which I've become ob.sessed. with mainstream radio/dance songs. Since I went downtown for my 19th birthday, I just love love love to dance (even though I suck and even though I've only gone downtown three times) and can't resist tossing some Ke$ha onto my itunes and breaking loose in my bedroom. Yesterday I had a dance playlist on while I was in the shower, and for On The Floor & Who's That Chick I full on stopped showering and just ~broke it down~. So addicting. Good lord.

I have been eating so much Easter chocolate/chocolate in general today. I bought a bag of chocolate covered pretzels and TWAS NOT A GOOD IDEA. Oof.
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