Mar. 15th, 2011

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Yesterday was my boss' surprise retirement party. We got another location's staff to work the store in the night, and we all drove up to Char's house to see her one last time. We thought she'd figured it out, but she had no idea.

She cried a bit when we showed up, and she told me after that she wanted to leave it the way it was on Friday; that was her last day. She got off her shift, gave hugs goodbye, and didn't cry until Sarah did, then a few others followed suit. She told me last night that she had said to her husband, I'm so glad Tonya wasn't there... because I would've torn her heart to shreds.

I'm the most sentimental one on staff. Sue me.

So, a little bit into the party, Monica gives Char the scrapbook she made. Oh. My. Jesus. It's gorgeous. She has photos of all the staff, with messages we all wrote to her, and all our little catch phrases, photos of Char from over 20 years ago, KFC everything (some things Monica had kept for years) and just, she did such a good job. I started to cry.

Few minutes later, I'm in the dining room where most everyone is, and I start crying more. Give me two minutes, and Sarah has to hide my face in her chest, trying to rock me and my makeup is all cried off, and I'm just wailing and wailing and wailing. It just hit me, all of a sudden. At that point, Tina decided to have a toast to Char, and I started crying harder, if possible.

Anyway, after that I stopped crying in front of people and went outside for a smoke alone. And cried. Came in and sat in one of the living rooms. And cried. Then Sarah & Marianne found me and brought me vodka jello shots to make me stop crying.

And they worked.

I didn't cry the rest of the night, but everyone kept cuddling with me and asking if I was better now, and I told them yes, because I was. Even by the end of the night, when everyone was having their final goodbyes, I couldn't cry anymore. I even said out loud that I feel bad that I cried at the wrong time, and everyone laughed at me.

Throughout the entire night, whenever I'd latch onto Char and just cuddle her (it happened a lot) she kept telling me that I know where she lives, I have her number, all I have to do is give her a call and she'll make me eggs and bacon and hash browns and listen to me talk about any and everything. That we would have a "Mommy Day".

When I was finally leaving, Char pulled me aside again, and told me I was going places, and she wished I would stay at KFC even after she left, and that she was always, always, always there for me. Anytime.

Char is just such a beautiful person, the best second mother anyone can ask for, and I know she means what she says.

I'm going to miss having her around the store to pick on me, and ask me how school's doing, and be the one sane person in the building.


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