Mar. 1st, 2011

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My day thus far.

Last night I accidently set my alarm for 10:30pm, not 10:30am. So I slept in until 1:10pm, when dad came over to wake me up. Class was at 2pm.

Sarah was texting me for money for concert tickets, that I forgot we were going to, and I tell her I can't afford it cause I just paid off my Visa (COUGH $400 COUGH). Then I reply a while later, that I'll just borrow the money off mom.

So I get ready super fast and he drives me to school. Get in 1:52pm and just chill. There are three of us. 1:57pm, six.

Five or so more minutes pass, and no one's talking.

I say, class cancelled? and the one girl who had a laptop checked. Yeah, it is.

One guy grumbles about how our exam is next class, and he was hoping there'd be a review of some sort today. Me & another guy (ooh, cutie) lock eyes and both go, !what exam.

Nice girl checks again, and the exam is delayed until next Tuesday.

So I walk to the library to study for my exam in Mythology tomorrow, only to remember that I NEED THE SLIDE SHOWS TO STUDY. And my laptop is home.

So I trudge on over to the bus stop, and plan on visiting my old high school to see some teachers. But I just missed the bus going there, and the next one comes at 2:30pm, and by the time I get to school, they'll be going home/into a meeting/away from where I'd find them.

So I catch the bus to go home, and text my friends raging.

Jess gets around to telling me that three of her roommates are studying for that exact exam right now, and that I could join.


Sarah calls me, telling me about how even though she asked for this Saturday off for the concert, they put her on. She booked it off months in advance. T-this Saturday...? I tell her I'm the supervisor that night, and can't go.

So I get off at my stop, and there's slush. I step into a driveway to avoid being sprayed by the bus, and step boith feet into major craters filled with slush.

The bus doesn't spray at all.

I'm walking home, and the roads are covered with water, the sidewalks with slush. I take on the water for most of the way, and my shoe comes undone. So I have to walk on the slush for more traction.

I check the mail, no package from [ profile] iitsmeghan .

Walk up to my driveway, and the plows came by and pushed about two feet of snow into it. I trudge through it, up to my door.

I tripped up the stairs on the way to my room.

I've been awake for two hours.

edit: I just got my period. are. you. kidding. me.


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